Find the Joker Rules.

Strictly over 18s

1. A complete deck of cards plus The Joker is shuffled and inserted into 53 individual envelopes. The envelopes are sealed. Envelopes are then shuffled and labelled 1-53.

2. Each envelope is placed in a notice board in numerical order with the envelope numbers facing outwards. This notice board will be visible to all.

3. To enter the draw place €2 in an envelope, which will be provided by the Joker Team. Write your name, contact number and your selected number where you think the Joker resides. Place the envelope in the appropriate box for the weekly draw.

4. YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE NUMBER PER ENVELOPE!! But you can enter as many €2 envelopes as you want and as many different numbers as you want. The only stipulation with numbers is that the number 6 must be underlined or else it is considered a 9.

5. All draws will take place in Macroom Golf Club, on dates chosen by the Committee
6. On the first day of the Draw there will be 53 cards to draw from and the second draw night 52 and so on until the Joker Card is found.

7. All entries for that week will be placed in a box. One entry will be drawn. The number that was selected will be announced. The numbered enveloped will be taken from the notice board and the card exposed.

8. The exposed card will now be placed facing outwards in the notice board and the game will continue for another week and so forth until the Joker is found . If Joker is not found that week the person whose entry was selected will receive a consolation prize of €20

9. When the Joker is found, then all participants with the correct number will be given the option to choose to share the Jackpot or to go into a further draw and the WINNER of this draw will get the Joker Money. However majority decision will rule!!!

10. When the Joker Jackpot is won a new set of 53 cards are put on the Board and the draw cycle starts again.
11. The Joker Jackpot will start and will increase each week as the game progresses. The Joker Jackpot will be announced each week prior to the start of the game and the game will continue until the joker is found.

12. Playing the Joker Online. A player has to register to play online by filling out the simple form in the members section of website. The online game will then be opened to the registered user (allow 24 Hrs for this to happen). Pick your number from the drop down list, your Full GUI number and name and submit. An envelope with your name and €2 will be placed in the Draw. The form will be closed prior to draw taking place and will be reopened after the results of the current draw are published. Your account must be in credit to enter the draw.

12. The decision of the Management Committee on all matters in relation to the Find the Joker Draw will be final.